Interconnection Policy

MBO’s practices for interconnection with businesses, Local Exchange Carriers and Interexchange Carriers have been driven strictly based on developing our network to expand its reach and profitability without discrimination.  We welcome any party to interconnect where our expense of doing so can reasonably be expected to produce an acceptable rate of return.

The only restrictions we impose are that each interconnection be compliant with current industry standards and practices to ensure the safety of the technical field staff and accommodate reliable and efficient operation of the interconnected network facilities.

MBO will negotiate with bona fide requesting parties to interconnect on negotiated, commercially-reasonable terms and conditions.  Interconnection is generally established in one of three ways.


  • MBO collocates with the other party at their location. We execute a collocation agreement with terms and conditions to obtain space and power. Services are facilitated between the MBO equipment and the other party primarily with fiber optic cables but also with copper cables if required.
  • 3rd Parties may collocate with MBO at our owned points of presence by executing a collocation agreement with us. Service hand-offs are accomplished via the same method as above.
  • Mid-span fiber meet points can be established by one party or the other building fiber to a designated meet point fiber hand hole. Once connectivity between us and the other party is established, the MBO equipment at one of our points of presence will interoperate with equipment at the 3rd party’s point of presence.

As a Middle Mile provider, we do not have visibility or control of the Internet content which traverses our network. That function is the responsibility of the Internet Service Providers with whom we interconnect.  Thus, we do not monitor or limit traffic, nor block access to any content including illegal or harmful content unless required by law, except to the extent necessary to maintain reliable service.

MBO’s network management practices will not involve preferential routing of traffic on the basis of content or provider.  MBO will utilize neutral traffic routing and will enable connections to other carriers and to the public internet.  MBO’s network management policies are published on its website and customers will be notified of changes to the policies.  MBO reserves the right to update or change these policies at any time in accordance with state and federal law.