Powered by CimTel Cable, Cirrus Managed Cloud Solutions for Viable IPTV
Do you need a television solution to compete in today’s marketplace?
Do the capital and operational demands of IPTV make it difficult to build a viable business plan?
A Viable Answer
MBO Networks understands the challenge. And we have the solution: Cirrus Managed Cloud Solutions. Cirrus is the world’s first managed cloud platform for robust IPTV services. The Cirrus solution is designed to make IPTV viable by sharing infrastructure and costs and keeping low management overhead. The Cirrus solution:
  • Provides simple access to a shared middleware platform
  • Lowers operational costs
  • Speeds time-to-revenue
  • Offers ability to launch a differentiated service very quickly
  • Integrates with legacy products and with IPTV-related products from other hardware and software vendors
  • Middleware License
  • Content Delivery
Full Integration
The Cirrus solution works with your existing B/OSS records and systems. Designed to integrate efficiently with existing CRM, inventory, and provisioning systems, this service can reduce load times and lower deployment costs of set-top boxes. By integrating with products from third-party hardware and software vendors, we help you create a unified authentication and management system. Device activation integration even allows customers to provision their own services through the CPE, significantly reducing operational expense.
Making your TV service stand out in a crowded market space dominated by satellite providers is difficult. The Cirrus solution gives you immediate access to a broad range of applications such as:
  • Caller ID (VoIP and TOM Compatibility)
  • Whole Home PVR
  • Remote PVR Scheduling (series recording, single recording, and a full search engine)
Cirrus could be just the cloud solution you’ve been looking for. Contact us today.
Cirrus@mbonetworks.com                  877-777-8941